Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I always get confused with the classification of generations.
It is so confusing and I can't find any precise definition of years for each generation.
Here is what I found so far based on a couple of internet articles:

also called Silent Generation
(1922-1925) - (1942 - 1945)

Baby Boomers
(1943-1946) – (1957-1964)

Generation X
also called 13th generation or MTV Generation
(1958-1965) – (1975-1981)

Generation Y
also called Nexters or The Millennials or The Internet Generation or Echo Boomers
(1976-82) – (1995-2001)

New Silent Generation
(1996-2002) – (pressent)

Am I Generation X or Generation Y??
Oh well... I'll consider myself Generation Y.... I am part of the Younger generation... hee hee... ;-)

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