Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Red eye again... part 4... the end

I went to see my family doctor again on Sat.
My eye is 100% back to normal!!

Below are parts of my conversation with my family doctor.
(I = Me; D = Doctor)

Conversation #1:
I: What causes pupil infection?
D: Pupil infection is caused by immune system not functioning correctly.
I: Why is my immune system not functioning correctly?
D: It's very complicated!
I: Can you explain it in simpler terms?
D: If I explain everything to you, then you can open an office beside me and steal all of my patients. I'll be out of business!
(In my mind: )
I: Even if I open an office beside you, I can only specialize in pupil infection!! I won't steal all of your patients!
D: True, but it's going to take very long to explain and you won't understand.
(In my mind: He probably doesn't remember the details of pupil infection...)

Conversation #2:
I: Since I got pupil infection, does it mean my immune system is not strong enough? I do workout in Gym twice a week.
D: It has nothing to do with immune system being weak or strong. Your immune system could be very strong. It's just not functioning correctly. Your immune system could be so strong and so sensitive that it is fighting its allies, instead of fighting enemies.
(In my mind: )
I: Oh! I see... It's just like US army killing Canadian soldiers in friendly fires.
D: Yes... something like that...

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