Wednesday, September 26, 2007

中秋節 Mid-Autumn Festival

Yesterday was August 15 in Chinese Calendar (農曆八月十五日), which is 中秋節 or Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival. All family dinners were held previously, so I didn't do anything special last night. However, I did go out to front yard to look at the moon (賞月).

Imagine this... You are looking up at the moon on a cloudy night... The pale yellow moon is in front of you but more to the right... The sky is black... The clouds looks grey... The moon is covered by slowly moving clouds and only appears intermittently... Suddenly, lighting appears beside the moon on your left hand side... There is no thunder and no rain...

This is kind of scary, but this is exactly what I saw last night. It reminded me of "My Date with Vampire" (我和殭屍有個約會).

The only thing missing is the bat. Well, technically speaking, the moon is very small compared to the one in the show. But the feeling is the same. It's like a vampire will appear any minute. Last night was a perfect night for Halloween!!

Tonight is for chasing the moon (追月). I wonder what the moon will look like tonight. ;)

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