Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Horseback Riding

A group of us went to the Ranch for horseback riding:
Linky, "Ma Fay", Fiona, Danielle, Teresa, "Tai C Hung", Angela, Anna, Wen, and I

Since we were all over 18, helmet was not mandatory. Some of us wore the helmet. Some of us didn't. That riding helmet looked just like a bike helmet. I wore the helmet for safety, which was a big mistakes. My helmet (size = L) was either too small or didn't fit the shape of my head. I started to get headaches towards the end of the ride.

The trail ride was mainly walking with a few minutes of jogging. The jogging part was definitely too short. We rode into the woods and beside electricity tower. The scenary was average.

Since it is 1 hour (beginner?) ride, I guess I can't expect too much. Next time, we should ask for a more advanced ride.

My brown horse is called Jane. She likes to eat. When she sees yummy leaves and grasses during the trail ride, she will first turn her head to that direction for few seconds. If I don't stop her immediately, she will start eating. No matter how hard I pull the reins backwards, she still keeps eating. I have to give her a big kick before she will continue the ride.

Also, Jane doesn't like to listen to me. According to the instructor, I have to pull the reins backward and say "wu" to stop the horse. However, when I do that, Jane just keeps going and ignores my command completely.

Some people have leg and butt pains after the ride. Fortunately, I don't have any pain.
Horseback riding is fun! I want to do it again!!

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