Friday, September 28, 2007

Offical Opening Ceremonies of Rogers Park

Today is the offical opening of my office building!!
All employees have to wear the Rogers red t-shirt to form the "sea of red"!

Ted Rogers (President and CEO of Rogers Communications Inc.) came here to officially open Rogers Park. He came with Susan Fennell (Brampton Mayor) and Linda Ford (President of the Brampton Board of Trade) through the Main Entrance. Since they are important people, they, of course, don't have to walk to the Main Cafeteria (opening ceremonies location). They sat in a balloon-covered Rogers Golf Cart and drove to the Main Cafeteria. Susan was the driver. Ted sat in the passenger side and Linda sat in the back.

Employees were standing along both side of the Golf Cart waving flags and cheering. Of course, I was one of them! I also took lots of photos along the way.

The ceremonies began with a short speech from Alan Horn (Chairman of Rogers Communications Inc.). Then, he introduced Linda.

"Rogers has had a very strong and long-standing connection to serving and supporting the Brampton community," said Linda Ford. "Having Rogers become one of our city's major employers is not only a significant welcome addition to our local economy, but also a wonderful testament to Brampton as a great place for business to locate and employees to live."

Linda presented a plaque to Ted.

Susan was the next person to give a speech. She presented a painting to Ted.

Ted was the last person to give a speech.

"Brampton is where I started my Cable business, so I am very happy to be back with Rogers employees working in an incredible building in a great city," said Ted. "When we purchased Rogers Park last year, we knew we were getting more than mortar and bricks: we gained a modern and truly imaginative workplace that is designed to inspire."

He donated $100,000 to the City of Brampton.

After the opening ceremonies, all employees got a complimentary, light lunch. The lunch included a cold sandwich (ham & cheese, egg salad, tuna salad, or veggie), a bottle of Montclair Natural Spring water, and a small bag of Lays chips. This reminded my of airplane food!

I'll add more information and photos later!

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