Tuesday, June 26, 2007

5th Annual Taste of Asia Festival

I wasn't planning to go to the Taste of Asia Street Festival, because I am still coughing a lot.
It just happened that the Taste of Asia Street Festival was very close to my doctor's office. My family doctor is inside Market Village and the Street Festival is at the corner of Kennedy Road & Steeles Ave. East, just outside of Market Village. So, I went to the Festival after seeing my doctor.

There were lots of people at the Festival.

There were many food booths selling Korean BBQ, Xinjiang Grilled Lamb, Kashmiri BBQ, Smelly Tofu, Japanese Squid Ball, Roasted Corns, Roasted Yams, Fresh Oysters, etc. I noticed that the busiest booths are:
  1. Smelly Tofu
  2. Japanese Squid Ball
  3. Fresh Oysters
I did try the Xinjiang Grilled Lamb. It was very good... very yummy...
I also tried the Roasted Corn. It is ok... just like corns in BBQ...
Since I am sick, I cannot try other fried or "hot air" food.

Can you guess who I saw at the Festival? Someone who should be working...
It's Tom! He was taking a lunch break!

I saw the Mounties as well... I wasn't sure whether they were actually on duty or they were just taking a break... I also saw a person wearing costume... not sure what he was trying to be...

There were some non-food booths and events as well.
Different car dealerships (Audi, Acura, Porche, etc) were there.

The Markham Fire Department was there too...

In addition, there were basketball games going on...

I brought key chains from the Name On Rice booth.
They wrote people's name on a rice and turned that into key chains or neckless. It's amazing because a rice is so small!

The Festival was fun!! I would definitely go back next year as well!!

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