Thursday, June 28, 2007


Q: What is a Zorse?
A: It's a zebra and horse hybrid.

Meet Eclyse - the amazing zorse!!
Wow... You can easily tell that she is a zebra and horse hybrid!!

Eclyse is the result of a holiday romance between German and Italian. Her mother is a white horse, called Eclipse, from German safari park. Her father is a zebra, called Ulysses, from a ranch in Italy.

Eclipse's owner sent her to a ranch in Italy for a while. There she was able to roam freely with other horses and a number of zebras, including Ulysses. When Eclipse returned home, she surprised her keepers by giving birth to the baby zorse.

While most zorses have stripes across their whole body, Eclyse only has two blocks of stripes – on her face and her rear. Now she's become a major attraction at a safari park at Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, near the German border with Holland.

Ranch spokesman Udo Richter commented: 'She is usually relatively tame like a horse but occasionally shows the fiery temperament of a zebra, leaping around like one.'

Daily Mail

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