Monday, June 4, 2007

June 4

Today is June 4 (六四).
How many people remember today?
How many people still remember what happened 18 years ago?
How many people still commemorate the students who were killed in Tiananmen Square in 1989?

The Chinese government wants us to forget this... just like the Japanese government who wants us to think that they "entered" China and not "invaded" China during World War...

We should never forget "June 4, 1989"!!

曲: 蘇越 詞: 陳哲 編: 梁基爵

也許我告別 將不再回來
你是否理解 你是否明白
也許我倒下 將不再起來
你是否還要 永久的期待

如果是這樣 你不要悲哀

也許我的眼睛 再不能睜開
你是否理解 我沈默的情懷
也許我長眠 再不能醒來
你是否相信 我化作了山脈

如果是這樣 你不要悲哀

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