Friday, June 8, 2007

Magic Mirror

Snow White's Magic Mirror has been invented!!
Well... not exactly... This Magic Mirror won't tell you who's the most beautiful girl in this world... but it will give you fashion tips while you are trying on clothes in a store. Once the mirror sees what you have tried on, it will then suggest matching items. If something does not fit, it will ask a sales assisant to fetch a different size. No matter how many clothes you try on, it will never get bored and impatient!

This mirror sounds very cool??

This full length mirror is made by The Big Space and is being marketed by Fujitsu, the Japanese firm. It reads a barcode on each item before displaying information about it on a built-in screen. It then displays suggestions of matching accessories. It also asks whether you need a smaller or bigger size.

By pressing a button at the side, you can send a message to a device carried by shop assistants, who bring you different clothes. It will also play fashion ads while you are waiting for the assistant to deliver the clothes.

This mirror, which was on display at the Technology Show at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday, is due to appear in stores next month. Sorry... UK only!!

The mirror which tells you what clothes not to wear
Mirror, mirror on the wall....

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