Friday, May 18, 2007


Today is definitely a day with lots of weird news.

Well... I don't really know the english word for "慈母多敗兒"... may be "overprotective mothers have bad sons"??
But this is definitely a case of "慈母多敗兒"...

Daniela Langer, an overprotective mother in Germany, has admitted in court that she drove her son (Marcel, 18 years old) to rob a jewellery store and acted as a look-out. She found out her son's plan when she went to a DIY store with him and he asked her to get him some rope and some duct tape, and told her to make sure she left no fingerprints on it. She told the court: "He was determined to do it and I could not talk him out of it, so I offered to drive him there to keep an eye on him. I was worried about him." (If she found out, she should get help from teachers, polices, family members, friends, etc. Definitely should NOT help!! What was she thinking??)

Her son and two other men broke in the jewellery store, stabbed the store owner, and stole 25,000 pounds worth of jewellery. (Oh no... they stabbed the store owner... they don't look like first time robbers...) All of them were caught after they set off a silent alarm connected to the police station during the robbery. (Well... There is a God who knows everything! Bad people will get caught. )

The judge sentenced the mother to three years and ten months in prison. (This will teach the mother a lesson! )

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