Monday, May 7, 2007

Husband wants to sell his wife

I can't believe people are still selling their wives in the 21th centry.
Men and women should be equal!
If that man needs money, why don't he sells himself??
If this incident happens in a remote town in third world country, I can understand, because people living there are not educated. But Brazil is a civilized country. An uneducated person cannot put an ad in online auction site!!
Imagine someone selling wife or kids in ebay... This is ridiculous!!

Brazilian man wants to sell wife on Web

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 6 (UPI) -- Brazilian authorities have ordered an online auction site to take down an ad placed by a man advertising the sale of his wife.

The popular site, Mercado Livre, was told to take down the ad offering to sell the woman for about $50. Officials said the ad violated Brazil's laws against selling human organs.

The ad said the woman was in near "mint condition" and was "very good in bed, great in the kitchen, cleans the house like a pro, has never has children ..."

The man said he was having financial problems and was willing to buy his wife back once he was back on his feet.

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