Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Judy's Wedding

Yesterday (May 21) was Judy's wedding. She was married to Michael.

Congratulations to Judy and Michael!!
May God bless their marriage with joy, love, and strength!!

Their wedding ceremony was held at The Village Church of The Nazarene in Main St. Unionville.

Their wedding banquet was held at Oriental Century Palace Chinese Restaurant (東方世紀皇宮大酒樓).
"六時恭候 , 七時入席, 九時都未有得食"... Hahahaha... Of course NOT!! Judy wouldn't do this to her friends...

Judy & Michael's first dance...

Can you see the connection between Judy and the people in this photo?
(This photo already contains a very big hint.)

Ha ha... We are the old Goshen Fellowship Group One!!

For more photos, please go to my photo site!

ADDED on May 30:
Here is a video from Kelvin...

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