Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Sometimes... When I get really frustrated or angry, I do want to blow up people... not physically... just pretending to blow them up... BoooooooooooommmmmB!!
Well... It would be nice to have a bomb around to do that...

There is an USB Hub bomb switch ($45.62 USD), which is both an USB hub and a bomb switch. Turn on switch 1, switch 2, and switch 3 in order... Then push the BOMB Ignition Red Switch... BoooooooooooommmmmB!!
I wonder how big is the BOMB sound. Will the sound be so loud that it would shake the whole office??

Link: USB Hub Bomb Switch

I also find a Danger Bomb Clock in the same web site that sells the Bomb Switch.
Since I always have a hard time waking up in the morning, I guess this would be a good idea!!

Danger Bomb Clock gives you a waring before it makes explosion sound. You are given 3 minutes to stop the explosion. To avoid the explosion, you have to pull off the same colour wire/code as the flashing color lamp. If you pull off the wrong code or don't pull off the code in time, then the bomb exploses. BoooooooooooommmmmB!!

Well... I hope the loud buzz will not wake up the whole house and neighbours. Otherwise, my family or neighbours might use a real bomb to kill me. hahahaha...

Link: Bomb Clock

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