Friday, May 11, 2007

Spiderman 3

I've watched Spiderman 3 last Sunday... during the opening weekend.
I think this movie is excellent. It's packed with actions, special effects, comedy, tragedy, story (yes... it actually has a story... not just fighting all the time like some other action movies...)

However, the movie is too long and too much plots are packed inside it... On one hand, there is no boring part in this movies.... On the other hand, there is not enough time for each character to develop except for Peter Parker.

The movie theme is supposed to be human's inner battle between good and evil. In Peter's battle, good (normal Spiderman & nerdy looking Peter) eventually defeated evil (black Spidey & better looking Peter with weird dancing). In Eddie Brock's battle, we see Eddie quickly turns into Venom. Why Peter has a big battle and Eddie has no battle at all? The movie skips that because Eddie is not the main character? Is it because Peter is Spiderman? I think the movie can spent more time talking about Venom.

Furthermore, with all the Spiderman frames, Peter becomes light-headed and self-centered. He just keeps talking about himself and doesn't listen to MJ when she is sad and depressed. He even hits MJ in the restaurant. So, I really don't know why MJ forgives him so easily at the end. The a

Overall, this is a good movie. I would give it 5 stars.
The movie ends with Sandman vanishing into the wind. So, there must be a "Spiderman 4" movie coming!!

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