Thursday, May 10, 2007

LE KLINT Pendant

I first saw the lamp above in a TV show about a year ago. It looked very nice in the actress' apartment. I tried to find it in local stores, but I had no luck. Since I didn't even know the name of this lamp, I couldn't search in the web. So, I gave up.

Today, I accidentally come across this lamp in the web. Things always happen like this. If you are looking for something, you can't find it. But when you are not looking, you'll suddently find it.

This lamp, which is called "Le Klint Pendant 172", looks classic, modern, and trendy. It is made with a matte white polypropelene material. The one I found in ebay costs US $90.

There are a whole series of this kind of lamps.

These hand-folded sculptural pendant shades were designed by architect Poul Christiansen between 1969 and 1978 and have been in continuous production by the Danish company Le Klint.

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