Monday, May 28, 2007

The World's First NonFat Dairy Cow

Mutation not only exists in X-men movies. It happens in real life too!!

In 2001, Scientists in New Zealand discovered a cow, later named Marge, carrying the mutant gene that caused its milk to be significantly lower in saturated fat.

Marge looks like an ordinary Friesian cow but has three key differences. She produces a normal level of protein in her milk but substantially less fat, and the fat she does produce has much more unsaturated fat. She also produces milk with very high levels of omega3 oils.

Now, Scientists at Fonterra-owned research company ViaLactia are breeding a herd of these mutated cows. Marge's offspring also produce low-fat milk.

This sounds like a good mutation, but...
If we drink a lot of this low-fat milk, are we going to be mutated too?
I guess it would be nice if we'll mutate to become Storm or Wolverine. But what if we mutate to ninja turtles ?

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