Thursday, May 10, 2007

Milk gives people acne

Wow... I never knew drinking milk will cause acne...
I drink a big cup of 1% or 2% milk almost every day... No wonder I have oily skin and acne!!

Seriously... I don't really trust those scientific research, because their foundings/results change every couple of years.
For example, one year they say coffee is bad for you and a couple of years later they say coffee is good for you... I think coffee reduces heart attack or something like that... don't remember....

05月 10日 星期四

【明報專訊】美國 一項科學研究顯示,飲牛奶會令暗瘡增加,而且喝低脂奶比喝全脂奶更易長暗瘡。

研究人員研究了4.7萬名女性在青少年時期的飲食習慣,發現每天喝一杯全脂奶的女性,比不喝者患暗瘡風險多12%;每天喝2杯,患暗瘡風險可能更增至44%。研究亦發現,每天喝一杯低脂奶,患暗瘡的風險比不喝多 16%。整體來說,常喝牛奶的女性,比少喝或不喝的女性患暗瘡的風險多22%。


How a pint of milk a day can give you acne (partial article)

The US researchers looked at the teenage diet of more than 47,000 women and then compared dairy product intake with cases of acne.

Analysis of the results revealed a clear link between milk and skin problems.

Worst off were those who regularly drank skimmed milk, with two half-pint glasses a day raising the risk of the condition by 44 per cent.

Those who drank a pint of whole milk a day were 12 per cent more likely to develop acne, while semi-skimmed milk increased the risk by 16 per cent.

Overall, those who regularly drank milk were 22 per cent more likely to have suffered from acne than those who rarely or never drank the white stuff.

Cream and cottage cheeses also raised the risk of the condition, however, chips, chocolate and pizza did not.

Writing in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, the researchers said that sex and growth hormones naturally found in cow's milk may trigger spots.

In an accompanying article, acne expert Dr William Danby said the human body isn't designed to deal with the high levels of hormones found in cow's milk.

'Viewed objectively, human consumption of large volumes of another species' milk, especially when that milk comes mainly from pregnant cows during the human's normally post-weaned years, is unnatural,' he said.

Other recent research has shown that women who eat low-fat dairy products when trying to conceive may be dramatically cutting their chances of pregnancy.

Drinking a pint of semi-skimmed or skimmed milk or eating two pots of yoghurt a day almost doubles the risk of anovulatory infertility, in which women stop ovulating.


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